Kelly Dawson

Kelly has practiced exclusively in the criminal defence area for over 30 years, representing clients charged with offences ranging from theft to murder. He has conducted criminal cases across Alberta and western Canada, and at every level of trial and appellate court level, including the Supreme Court of Canada. Kelly is a founder and current managing partner of the firm.

Together with his partners and associates, Kelly acts as a criminal law supervisor for Student Legal Services of Edmonton. He is a long-time director of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association and has provided instruction on various criminal law topics for the Legal Education Society of Alberta, University of Alberta Law School and other professional legal bodies, most recently instructing the Intensive Advocacy program in Calgary for lawyers working to improve their courtroom skills.

Kelly's practice tends to focus on serious cases involving complex factual situations where witness credibility must be challenged aggressively (eg. murder, sexual and domestic assault). Another area of focus involves driving offences (eg. impaired and dangerous driving), particularly where the charges involve bodily harm or death.